About the Nock Art Foundation

Established in 2014 by art collector and painter Michael Nock, the Nock Art Foundation is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organisation seeking to promote cross-cultural artistic collaboration between international artists. Our objective is to nurture and engage with artists from Australia, New Zealand, and Asia, through a series of projects, workshops and exhibitions.

At the core of the foundations activities is a two-way cultural exchange artist residency programme which takes place over a number of weeks in Queenstown, New Zealand and Hong Kong. In addition to the residencies, the Foundation sponsors selected art prizes and scholarships, as well as unique artist projects working with established and mid-career artists.


  • We aim to encourage dialogue, exchange ideas and connect creatives with similar mindsets.

  • We believe passionately in the power of fostering the creative vision of artists. Through the Foundation's artist residency programme we want artists to engage with ideas and each other.

  • We continue to support scholarships in the arts through charitable contributions to art institutions and sponsorship of various art prizes

  • With the expansion of the Nock Art Foundation collection, our local community has more access to art and artists of a wider international network.